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DJ Oni as a composer & a remixer very active artist playing around Tokyo.He plays London, Spain, India, famous Clubs of Tokyo, Womb, AIR, AgeHa, and so on.Released the music from USA,Spain & Japan. Also he is executive of Czech Republic music competition.

Piano with Headphone

Piano with Headphone

Piano with Headphone are based on DJ Oni& Pianist Junko. They often collaborated many artists, Singer, Sax player, Dancer... produced by DJ Oni.They plays many fashionable place at Tokyo.and music direction.Released music by iTunes and CD.


12/31(Thu)DJ Oni COUNTDOWN PARTY TO 2016 NEW YORK LOUNGE @ InterContinental Tokyo Bay Hotel
12/31(Thu) DJ Oni COUNTDOWN Mapping Show @ Enyuji Meguro 円融寺
12/24(Thu) PwH Christmas party @ Umekita Floor Osaka
12/23 (Wed) DJ Oni X'mas Dinner LIVEBistro BARNYARD Ginza
12/22 (Tue) DJOni @ PCM Marunouchi
12/22(Tue) DJOni @ FM Salus

12/19 (Sat) PwH Live EAT the MUSIC @ Adonis T table Ginza

3/29(Sun) 『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @ Mishima Taishanomori
3/28 (Sat) 『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @ Nagoya under lounge
3/27(Fri) 『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @ NAGOYA ZIPANGU
3/15(Sun) DJ ONI(PwH DJ set) → 『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @Fukuoka Sound Bar brick
3/14(Sat) DJ ONI(PwH DJ set) → 『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @Kumamoto Sunny Blue
3/13(Fri) DJ ONI(PwH DJ set) →『Sweet Museam』Release Tour @Miyazaki Nick Nack
3/11(Wed) DJ ONI→party@Yangon Myanmar
3/7 (Sat)PwH Live →『Sweet Museam』Release lunch party@Shibuya JZ Brat
2/28 (Sat) DJOni →Sweet Lounge supported by matelial @NAGOYA ZIPANGU
2/28 (Sat) DJONI × SAX KENNY Live→@Bistro barnyard GINZA
9/30 (Tue) DJOni → AAA 2014 @ Embassy of Luxembourg
9/20 DJOni → XXXXXXX
9/11 (Thu) DJ Oni → KENNY'S Lounge @ PCM Marunouchi
9/7 (Sun)PwH Live → "SUMMER DISCO TEX" Release Cruise Party @ ROSE YOKOHAMA
8/28 (Thu) DJ Oni → Lamborghini dramatic summer night party!
8/17 (Sun)海祭(KAISAI) @ Beach House KULA at Kamakura Koshigoe beach
8/9 (Sat) Walk way P collection @ Ebisu
8/2 (Sat) DJ Oni → Tokyo Summer Fes DANCE/DANCE/DANCE In Magic Beach Toyosu Project
8/1 (Fri) DJ Oni → deep sound float @ JICOO (東京湾クルーズ)

7/12~13 (Sat Sun) DJ Oni → Hoshihimeso @ uninhabited island (無人島) 
7/11 (Fri) PwH Live @ ageha
6/27 (Fri) DJ Oni → Gordon's sparkle party!! @ PCA sakasu akasaka.
6/7~8(Sat Sun) DJ Oni → JZ summer festival @ Namesawa Yamanashi
5/29(Thu)DJ Oni → Velours 9th Anniversary -BLOOMING SENSATION-
5/2 (Fri) DJ Oni → deep sound float @ JICOO (東京湾クルーズ)
4/28 (Mon) DJ Oni → 日本映画批評家大賞授賞式Offical After Party @ シャングリラホテル東京27階
"Japan Movie Critics Award" after party @ SHANGRI-LA Tokyo
4/25 (Fri) DJ Oni → xxxx night @ PCA
4/13 (Sun)DJ Oni → Casino Tokyo:Night of Shangri-La シャングリラホテル東京 
4/12 闇市@369ber  
4/6 (Sun) Piano with Headphone LIVE → [Walkway P collection] PwH Lounge x WALKWAY @ velours
2/28 (Sat) Stephane Pompougnac's album release party @ Origami
1/18 (Sat) Piano with Headphone Live @ JICOO
1/16 (Thu) KINKAN Party @ PCM

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